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From the Director...
Greetings!  There once was a man studying scripture, when asked if he understood what he was reading he cried, "How can I unless someone guides me?" {Acts 8:30}
     That is the way it seems when we begin to study God's Word.  Many start reading

but quickly give up because of confusion.  This  ministry was formed for that very reason.   I think back  to when I first began reading and well remember the  difficult time I had and would have given up had it not  been for the help of others like the ones listed on this  site.  We are happy to be of service to you in your quest  for Truth. Please take a few minutes to read about us and about  the goals and purpose of this ministry.  May our  great God light that narrow path that leads to Life.
     Sincerely in Christ's service,       -wayne-


Catalog of Bible Study Aids



Established in 1996

Edition number 13

Also on the internet:

From the Director…

Greetings!    We are happy to again be able to provide this catalog of listings to help in your Bible study adventure. The cornerstone of this ministry is to encourage personal bible study. All too often we get lazy and make the mistake of putting our trust in a church organization to lead us into the Kingdom. The problem is- who can you trust with such an important task! Consider that there are over 1000 different Christian organizations and they disagree on points of doctrine! Add that to all the warnings that Jesus gave us about deception and you see the responsibility is on our individual shoulders.

The helps in this booklet are merely to aid you in your studies, give you an overview and the belief of the individual authors that did some of the leg work for you. Please look up scriptures and prove to yourself if doctrines expressed are true.

Freedom Info is always here to help or answer questions you may have. There is never a charge for anything from us, completely confidential and never a plea to join something. Thanks for allowing us to serve you and we pray that the Lord will light the Path that leads to life for you and your family.

Sincerely in Christ’s service,

Wayne Schatzle, director



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