Is God’s Law  Done Away? (Part 1}

by: Wayne Schatzle


       Picture this: a man is in court for grand theft, the judge is ready to pronounce judgment, then a stranger steps forward and pays the fines and agrees to suffer any other penalty due in place of the offender. The judge agrees and the convict is over whelmed and grateful! He thanks this kind stranger and leaves the courtroom a free man. The man exclaims "I am so happy to be forgiven and can now steal all I want because of what the kind stranger did for me". Everyone is now thinking of what ridiculous reasoning that is. Common sense dictates that the man is forgiven for his past - not all future crimes! Believe it or not, the convoluted reasoning described above is exactly what most Christians believe today. It seems religion is the one area where people will believe anything and fail to use common sense.

       The idea that Jesus not only paid the penalty for all our sins, he also did away with the very law that condemns us is not a new belief, in fact it is "the mystery of lawlessness" spoken of in the bible {2 Thess 2:7}. The apostle Paul has been widely quoted as being the champion of the anti-law cause. Peter actually commented in his epistle that some twist Paul’s words to teach this {2 Pet 3:16-17}. A careful reading of Paul’s letters show just the opposite. In the book of Romans alone, Paul quotes the Old testament over 50 times and relays that DOERS of the law are justified; do we make void the law?- certainly not; the law is holy, just and good; the law has dominion over a man as long as he lives; for by the law is the knowledge of sin.

       There are many excuses to law breaking. Some say the church has the authority to change laws; others interpret what the law is. Some say just the 10 commandments, only the New Testament; only Paul’s letters; all the bible; only for the Jews to obey; or only what the believer feels in his heart. Historically the actual definition of the Law is the Torah {Pentateuch} or the first 5 books of the Bible is the Law.

       One would think that the confusion over the law would be absent in the first century but early writings show pagan factions assaulted the fledgling church from the outset. Antinomian {literally: against the law} was the thrust of Hellenistic, Gnostic Christians. Even cultured, pagan Greece was interested in spiritual development. Their belief was that spirituality and law are hopelessly irreconcilable. Paul address this very thinking when he said, " the carnal mind is enmity against God, not subject to the law of God…" {Romans 8:7}

        As mentioned in the beginning, common sense would make this issue clear: whom do you think would want people to sin, God or Satan? Thinking people will say Satan. As in our human family- we want our children to love and obey us. God is no different, He has rules just like us and is pleased when we obey them. What is the message God gets when we obey him? Lets read: "If you love me-Keep the commandments"; and whatever we ask we receive because we keep his commandments; for this is the love of God that we keep His commandments; to enter into life-keep the commandments; for the Lord will keep the covenant to those that Keep the commandments {John 14; 1Jn 3; 1Jn 5; Mt 19; Dan 9}. The message is quite simple: Fear God and keep His commandments, for this is the whole duty of man {Ecc 12}. But many respected individuals have declared that the Law is Void! True, but God’s Word states that the wicked and proud regard the law as void {PS 119:126}.

       Jesus said, "think NOT- that I have come to destroy the law…" so modern Christians think He came to destroy the law. My challenge for those that believe that the Law is void is to read Psalm 119, then ask themselves if it is a good thing to break the Law. Abraham, the father of the faithful, was also noted for his great obedience. Don’t fall into the error of lawlessness and show God you are a faithful AND obedient servant.

       {additional proof texts: Jude 4; Rev 12:17; Rev 22:14; Prov 3& 7; Isa 51:7; Isa 30: 9; Isa 5: 24; Jam 2:10; Deut 5: 29 & 8:1 & 10:12; Gen 26:5; Psalms many} 6/03

Written by Wayne Schatzle, director, Freedom Biblical Information Center
P.O. Box 1806, West Chester OH 45071)