Is  God's Law Done Away? (Part3)

by: Wayne Schatzle


        What exactly is the law and is it relevant to modern man? I have heard many preachers’ beliefs of what sin is such as drinking alcohol, dancing; card playing or wearing makeup, but few actually quote the bible definition of sin. First John 3:4 “… for sin is the transgression of the LAW”. Historically, God’s law in the bible is the first 5 books of the Bible.  In particular, Deuteronomy is the accepted code for people to follow. Deuteronomy, the fifth book of the law, is named so due to the “Doubling” or repetition and a recapitulation of various addresses delivered at various times. Jesus also quoted from this book, in fact the passage used by some to disregard the Law is from Deuteronomy, where He said, ”You shall love your God with all your heart, soul, and mind” {and from Leviticus}- “you shall love your neighbor as yourself”- on these two commandment hang all the law and the prophets. H H Halley had said, “Some passages of Deuteronomy for genuine eloquence are unsurpassed in literature. Adam Clarke said, “ very few parts of the OT can be read with greater profit by the genuine Christian than the Book of Deuteronomy.”

       Deuteronomy was penned by several authors and can be useful to modern people wishing to follow the path for successful living. We are told to rightly divide the Word of Truth. As bible readers will quickly see the world has changed much over the centuries, yet human nature remains constant. Some meditation is necessary as we read the Law to see its relevance to us today. Chapter 5 contains the list of the Ten Commandments similar to the list in Exodus 20. Many times God warns of the calamities for not keeping the law and urges them to teach them to your children. We also see many “new Testament” doctrines such as “Circumcise the foreskin of your heart and not be stiff-necked.” “Administer justice for the orphan, widow, and stranger”. God orders His people to discard the old images and practices of idolatry, we still see extant even today in a space age society! Burnt offerings are commanded to be preformed- but as we divide the Word, we believe Jesus fulfilled the sacrifices and also there is no temple, necessary utensils, and Levitical priesthood to perform the ritual. There is a chapter of things we can do like abstain from unclean meat in chapter 14. We read about finances, loaning money and giving to the poor. Holidays are a fun time, and God has even provided them in chapter 16. There are principles for warfare, dealing with slaves, criminals, farming, child rearing, and divorce. Near the end of the book we see a detailed listing of the blessings for obeying the laws and curses for disobedience.

       During Jesus’ ministry, he came to magnify the law and make it honorable. He added the Spiritual element that cut to the heart- whereas before to break the letter of the Law against adultery the very act was to be committed- Jesus expounded upon the command that even to lust after another was the same as committing the sin!

       Sadly our society has decided to throw out God’s instructions and create a new code for this land, which in many cases are far from the revealed wisdom of our Creator. The old saying “live and learn” has been man’s excuse for getting into trouble, and residing himself that thru the misfortune he will have at least learned something from the mistake. Conversely, there is an old Jewish proverb “learn and live”. Short and to the point, and expresses the wisdom to learn first at a young age of how to live instead suffering the pain of mistakes. How will you learn?                                  12/03

Written by Wayne Schatzle, director, Freedom Biblical Information Center
P.O. Box 1806, West Chester OH 45071)