Is Great Britain Actually Israel?

by: Wayne Schatzle

       Israel anciently was conquered, first, the ten northern tribes fell in 721bc to Assyria {the Germanic area} and survivors were taken captive to the Northwest. Being slaves, they eventually were stripped of their roots and heritage and assimilated into the Assyrian populace. Then in 604bc the Southern portion of Israel {Judah- Jews} was invaded by Babylon and were also taken captive- only they retained their identity to this very day.

       The question of where the lost ten tribes of Israel are have perplexed people for centuries. Many have proposed that Great Britain {and the United States} are in fact the remnant of the tribes Ephraim and Manassas {seed of Joseph}. If indeed this be a fact, bible prophesy take on a whole new light. Britian and the US have accomplished things that would lend credence to them being Israel. On a individual level it would make little difference, for salvation is personal rather than collective. Also, the letter to the Galatians makes it clear that if we be Christian then we are also of Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the promise.

       This teaching was commonly known in the early 1900s. The British-Israel World Federation was a very active group proclaiming this message. Covenant Publishing Ltd and Destiny Publishers produced a wealth of books on the topic. The book, Judah’s Scepter and Joseph’s Birthright {1902}, by J H Allen is a very convincing work. The cover of his book contains a review by the Baptist Messenger which says, "this is one of the most interesting volumes…and we confess that the arguments produced seem to be unanswerable". Many in government boldly declared the Israel roots, like the notable Lord Fisher {admiral}. After WW1, newspapers carried his words, "we win only because we are the lost ten tribes of Israel". In fact much of the documents of the early days of this country shows this same belief. Curiously enough, even to this day the nations of Britain, United States and Israel have maintained family-like ties.

       Prophecies show that the returning Savior will assume the throne of David. It is a highly interpretive passage, yet we can look at the throne of England and see the coronation chair with an ancient stone underneath it which they say is the very same "Jacob’s Pillow" mentioned in scripture {Jacob is Israel}! Also amazing is how the royal line traces their genealogy to King David of Israel!

       Even today, a web search shows much information about it. This belief is a doctrine for many churches. Several offer free books on the subject {US & British in Prophecy, United Church of God, Box 541027, Cincinnati OH 45254}.

       To the detriment of this teaching, many unsavory groups also believe it and use it to a racist end and somehow make non-Europeans seem less important. It is wrong to use anything as a means to hurt others- especially a religious doctrine.

       What caught my attention about this years ago was the thought that so many insignificant nations are mentioned in scriptures yet the greatest nations in the history of the world, Britian and the United States, are not mentioned! And that is a good point. It is the key to understand prophecy to know who the players are. At any rate, it is an exciting story to study, and if true makes the future come alive for those of the nations of England and the USA. 10/02

Written by Wayne Schatzle, director, FREEDOM Biblical Information Center, Box 1806, West Chester OH 45071