What is Freedom Biblical Information  Center?

by: Wayne Schatzle

From time to time we receive the question of  “who are you?” As this ministry nears it’s tenth birthday it is about time I document our history and answer some of the questions we have received.

 Freedom Biblical Information Center is a ministry operated by my family and I. In 1996 I had a vision for an outreach to supply searching souls with quality tapes, booklets, and bible studies. In our personal search for study aids we have found some very good ones and many pretty bad ones. We have tried to weed out the bad ones and support the ones that are beneficial to people trying to study God’s Word. Originally we wanted to serve the southern Ohio area where we live but word of mouth has spread it all over the world! At last count we have sent material to most all of the states and possessions and over 20 countries!


Here are some questions answered:

Are you a church? No we are not- but rather a service to connect people with quality bible study materials. Actually we try to be independent of any church- but have on occasion suggested a group for someone in their area, but only when they requested it.

Do you accept offerings? No. In the beginning we had accepted donations but found several problems with that and I have found that by me not giving to a church organization, I could easily afford this ministry on my own. Also we will not charge for anything and most material by the ministries we advertise are free as well. It’s the principle of “freely give and freely receive”.

Will I be bothered by calls wanting me to join something? Never. In fact we value your privacy and never give out names or addresses of people who contact us. We have no “mailing list” and will only respond if you ask for something.

What services do you provide? We publish a catalog of various materials to help people in their personal bible study; we have several magazines, newsletters and a newspaper that publish articles by us; we answer questions via email and regular mail; we have a network of prayer partners if you have a special need you wish to take to the Father we will join with you in prayer; we have two websites with the list of ministries that produce literature and most of the articles we generate.

I like what you are doing and want to help! As I said, I wont accept money- but I will accept help. You can share this ministry with others by word of mouth and I can send you ad cards if you care to put on bulletin boards. If you read the offices given to the church in first Corinthians 12 verse 28, Helps is listed right along apostles, healers and teachers. You can be a helper for the cause of Christ! That is just as important as being an evangelist.

I can study my own bible- why do I need you? That’s commendable that you can learn on your own. Decades ago I started the same way, and soon learned I needed help. I identify with the man from Ethiopia reading scripture- when asked if he understood what he was reading he cried, “how can I unless a man show me?” Acts 8:31. While none of us knows it all we can benefit from the experience of others.

My church doesn’t believe some of the things you believe. Sorry about that. Actually there are over a thousand different Christian sects and they don’t agree either. If you can prove you are going to the true church- you don’t need to study for yourself, just believe what they teach. Beware, Jesus warned that there were false ministers and said do not be deceived by them. My advice to you is to prove your beliefs from the pages of your own bible. Sadly, it is acceptable to be bible illiterate and people dangerously put their faith in an organization rather than God. What this ministry points out is commonly believed church traditions that are contrary to first century Christianity. Our aim is to get people to do their own personal study.

Most people live, die, and hope they go to heaven. Jesus showed that there is a wide highway that leads to death and most people are on it- He went on to say that there is a narrow, difficult path that leads to Life and FEW people will find it! {Matthew 7}. It is the goal and purpose of Freedom Info Center to get people interested in finding that narrow way and declare as Paul did- “Study to show yourself approved unto God!”                                                            06/05

Written by Wayne Schatzle, director, Freedom Biblical Information Center
P.O. Box 1806, West Chester OH 45071)