The Truth Shall Set You Free!

by: Wayne Schatzle

      And the Lord declares.....My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, because you have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you from being priest for me; Because you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children (Hosea 4: 6).

       That should be very chilling words to all of us. We think our enemy is sickness, disease, dictators, weather, and now even asteroids. But in this one verse we find our real problem is not knowing and/or rejecting God and His laws. We need to be motivated to study the Bible, as our very lives depends on it.

It's amazing how patient God has been with America. We have been on a quest for material goods, entertainment, and pleasures, all the while ignoring our great loving Creator who makes our very existence possible. America has been blessed more than any nation on earth. At times we act like spoiled, disobedient rich kids never even taking the time to even show thanks for all this wonderland we live in.

      The time has come when we should examine our lives and make room for our heavenly Father in our busy schedules. Isn't our excuse we are just to busy to study our bibles? What message does this send to God? Does this tell Him that He is not important to us?

       So just how are we to get this knowledge we so desperately need? By reading some little tract? I'm afraid it is not that easy. We are told to study to show ourselves approved unto God. STUDY! We work and study for different pursuits in life and it is no different with the Bible. There are no short cuts, and it will be time consuming, but God promises great rewards for those who work at it.

       For those who desire to accept God's challenge and seek His will we dedicate this ministry. For years now we have sought out good solid bible studies for men and women seeking the pure truth revealed in the Bible. We now have a catalog with many different organizations and church groups that offer bible studies, literature, and audio taped sermons. The requirements are: it must be true to the Word, not given to speculation, and free of any cost or obligation. These various organizations from California to Florida are dedicated to serving those whom God may call. Our catalog is free, with no follow-up, and it is confidential. Please write for the current catalog and begin your quest for God's righteous ways.

       My prayer is that God will light that narrow path for you that leads to eternal life and that He grants you the strength and courage to walk that way.

(Written by Wayne Schatzle,
director, Freedom Biblical Information Center
P.O. Box 1806, West Chester OH 45071)