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Greetings!  I am pleased to announce the formation of *FREEDOM* BIBLICAL INFORMATION CENTER.  As you will see this is a unique service to aid you in your personal bible study.

     God laments, " My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge"..."The truth shall set you free"..."Study to show yourself approved" (Ho.4, Jn.8, 2Tim.2).  In talking with people over the years, even regular church goers, I've noticed that most people are biblically illiterate!  They seem so knowledgeable of other things but neglect the most important thing.  Bible study is all important.  For those who desire Truth, I dedicate this work.

     In the last decades in my personal bible study I have searched for the best, most accurate booklets, study helps, and commentaries.  In all those years I have discovered it is a minefield of error mixed with truth.  It was bad enough avoiding the deceptions but worst of all I wasted so many precious hours of bible study searching out blind alleys.  What I have begun is a way for all truth seekers to by-pass some of the wasted time of meaningless, expensive literature and get connected to wholesome truth.  I will be providing a list of literature, tapes, and bible study lessons.  Some I will have on hand to send you and others I will furnish you with the address you may send to.

     What will this cost?  Our name reflects the answer-FREE...INFO.  We believe in God's principle "freely give-freely receive".  At the outset I have determined never to charge for anything we send out, also I try to only gather items offered free by other groups  (I've noticed priced literature is usually laced with errors anyway).  Addresses I give out are of responsible, trustworthy organizations that offer free or at cost, literature.  If you feel moved to send a donation it will be welcomed and used to share truth with others but we will never require any payment.

     The prophet Amos foretold of a day when there would be a famine across the land, a famine not of food but of the Words of God.  I don't think we are there yet because there are more publications of truth now than ever before, the problem is finding it.  It is my prayer that the efforts of FREEDOM will light the path to Life for you and your loved ones.

      In Jesus' Name,            -Wayne-


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