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Established in 1996

Edition number 13

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From the Director…


Greetings!    We are happy to again be able to provide this catalog of listings to help in your Bible study adventure. The cornerstone of this ministry is to encourage personal bible study. All too often we get lazy and make the mistake of putting our trust in a church organization to lead us into the Kingdom. The problem is- who can you trust with such an important task! Consider that there are over 1000 different Christian organizations and they disagree on points of doctrine! Add that to all the warnings that Jesus gave us about deception and you see the responsibility is on our individual shoulders.


The helps in this booklet are merely to aid you in your studies, give you an overview and the belief of the individual authors that did some of the leg work for you. Please look up scriptures and prove to yourself if doctrines expressed are true.


Freedom Info is always here to help or answer questions you may have. There is never a charge for anything from us, completely confidential and never a plea to join something. Thanks for allowing us to serve you and we pray that the Lord will light the Path that leads to life for you and your family.


Sincerely in Christ’s service,

Wayne Schatzle, director






Answers In Genesis, Box 510, Hebron KY 41048. free newsletter debunks evolution, about dinosaurs and flood facts.


American Bible Society. 1865 Broadway New York NY 10023.  free catalog of Bibles and study helps.


Points of Truth Ministries, PO Box 102, Russellville AR 72811.  Free literature and tapes.


ACTS, 1827 W 3rd, Merdian ID 83646. free monthly magazine plus have other literature at very low prices.


Tomorrows World, Box 503077, San Diego CA 92150. nice, free monthly magazine. Also have lots of doctrinal literature and study course free as well.


The Bible Advocate, Box 33677, Denver CO 80233. published for over a hundred years, a quality  free monthly magazine, and free literature.


Church of God International, Box 2525, Tyler TX 75710.  all free: newsletter; literature; sermon CDs


Churches of God, Outreach Ministries, Box 54621, Tulsa OK 74155-9954. send for list of free literature and sermon tapes.


Christian Education Ministries, Box 560, Whitehouse TX 75791. free: lots of quality booklets and sermon CDs. Bible study course, monthly newsletter. By radio speaker Ronald Dart.


Christian Book Distributors, Box 7000 Peabody MA 01961-7000. free catalog of hundreds of bibles, study helps and  music at discount prices.


Good News Magazine, {new address pending} slick well written monthly magazine; lots of literature, and serial Bible study course. All free excellent material


Sabbath Fellowship Group, Box 22, Portsmouth OH 45662-0022. free monthly newsletter


Ministry Publications, Box715, Cottonwood AZ 86326. several thick free books by Martha Schimmel including “Beast Prophecies”; “The Supreme God”;  and “Satan Dies” other titles. Fairly deep material.


Power For Living. 1-800-341-5000  from the DeMoss foundation. Free booklet on overcoming despair and connecting with God.


Advocate Of Truth, Box 328, Salem WV 26426. Monthly magazine and tracts.


Focus on the Family, Box 35500, Colorado Springs CO 80935. free monthly magazine by Dr. James Dobson.


Guardian Ministries, Box 50734, Pasadena CA 91115. free monthly newsletter and offers for free sermon CDs. By Dr David Nation.


Smoking help. 1-800-457-7200. Free brochure, “Say no to Smoking”


Signs, Pacific Press, Box 7000, Boise ID 83707-1000.  send for free one year subscription to “Signs of the times” magazine. Also free study guides and available in French or Spanish.


Ten Commandments Calendar, Box 45293, Little Rock AR 72214.  free


Voice of the Martyrs, Box 443, Bartlesville OK 74005. monthly magazine documenting the persecution of Christians today.


Christian Biblical Church of God, Box 1442, Hollister CA 95024. free tapes and literature by Fred Coulter.


United Christian Ministries, PO Box 608, Roanoke IN 46783.  phone# 888-985-9066.    many free booklets and tapes  on a variety of topics.


The Light, 12059 Route 114, Penobsquis, New Brunswick E4G2Y2, Canada. Ph# 506-433-1226. Free16 page monthly booklet of inspiration and education articles.



Now the fine print

*Freedom Info cannot vouch for every belief of every ministry listed. No one has 100% truth but I believe the ministries listed have enough of established Biblical truth to warrant a listing herein.

*Freedom Info is not responsible for errors of any group or if they fail to send what they advertise.

*Freedom Info does not keep a mailing list and will only respond when you request one.

*Freedom Info does not seek donations nor is a non-profit organization for tax purposes. We are funded solely by my family’s tithes.


Disclaimer: While Freedom Info strives to supply Biblical sound information, it is up to you to study, evaluate, and draw your own prayerful conclusions and choose the avenue you wish to travel for your own life. Always remember that God’s Word is as a sharp two-edge sword and can change things in your life you never expected but the final outcome will be for your betterment. Believe ONLY what you prove to yourself to be true.